Chinese Chicken Salad

Food Advertising by It’s warming up outside! And you know what that means, less soup, more salad! Chinese Chicken Salad is my second favorite salad (Chicken Caesar Salad is the only one that beats it!) And this super simple recipe will put it into your top 5 also! I prefer the easy way when it… 

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Spicy Cream Cheese Chicken Dip

This wasn’t supposed to be a dip, it was supposed to be tacos. But the Hubby, goofball that he is, swears that I told him to add cream cheese (I told him to grab sour cream) Oh well! Happy mistake, because this made an awesome dip! I’ve been working a LOT of overtime and that… 

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Spicy Chicken and Red Bean Soup

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there is something the Hubby and I make a lot. Soup. Do you want to know a why? It’s because we are in our twenties and don’t make nearly enough money! So what’s the easiest thing to make on a budget? Soup. And the best way to make… 

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Pumpkin Butter

I know, I know.. It isn’t really pumpkin season anymore.. But we misplaced this photo until today and when I found it I just had to post the recipe! I really like toast, and so does the hubby loves to make bread.. But we decided to make Pumpkin Butter because hubby wanted to make Pumpkin… 

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Spicy Chicken Tomato Soup

I like tomato soup, but it gets old. Eventually you have to grow up and realize that Campbell’s Tomato Soup isn’t really good for you in any way. It has no real protein and way too much sodium. You might as well just drink a V8, at least those have added vitamins. Anyway, this is… 

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