crockpot southwest chicken soup (2)

Crockpot Southwest Chicken Soup

Food Advertising by Soup is close to my favorite food in the world. I especially love thick soup on a cold day, we don’t get many cold days here in California, but this year we had a few and I was really excited! Crock pots make soup even easier, which is always a plus when… 

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Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos

Alright, we make a LOT of different crock pot meals, and all of them are delicious but this has to be my absolute favorite! We have made it three times since the first time we made it and it gets better every time. My little sister came to visit for a long weekend and we… 

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cashew chicken (2)

Cashew Chicken Slow Cooker Dinner

I originally meant to do this whole week long thing where I posted one freezer meal a day. I was going to call it FREEZER-WEEK-EXTRAORDINAIRE or something equally ridiculous.. But my husband is kind of a goofball and when I said “Before you put each of these in the crock pot when you’re home for… 

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stand mixer

KitchenAid Classic Plus Stand Mixer

This is a classic staple in any kitchen. KitchenAid Classic Plus Stand Mixer – White As my wife has so kindly reminded me, we don’t have one of these. Both of our parents do though, and soon enough this will be part of our household.

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Caramel Apple Turnovers

Recently the hubby and I went on a major Sunday breakfast kick and we went PASTRY CRAZY! We made Pumpkin Spice pastries and Banana Chocolate Chip pastries and so many others! My personal  favorite from all of these were the Banana Chocolate Chip, but the hubby loved these best ! When we make them next… 

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