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Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole

Food Advertising by A shoutout goes to my mom on this one! She made it and sent us this photo so we could post it. I’m not really a rice fan personally but this rice casserole looks delicious and I can’t wait until the hubby and I have a chance to make it ourselves! The recipe… 

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carnitas taquitos (2)

Crock Pot Carnitas Taquitos

One of the greatest things we’ve done with our slow cooker has to have been the Carnitas. Make a large batch and you’ll have plenty of Mexican food for the rest of the week. This recipe was from our original batch of Carnitas, we decided to make Taquitos instead of tacos with it. With the… 

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#enchilada #pasta

Crock Pot Enchilada Pasta

Here’s another installment in our crock pot adventure! Crock pot Enchilada PASTA! This might be another recipe I ate with chips. Anyway, after the stares from my wife that I’m eating dinner wrong we got down to the meal. It is a great and easy pasta recipe. My wife went on a bit of an… 

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#beefstroganoff #dinner

Beef Stroganoff

Another delicious slow cooker recipe, beef stroganoff! We made this a little different the the classical way, using ground beef instead of cubed beef, or strips. Also instead of eating it over rice, we used golden browned hash browns. This is a great new spin on a classic recipe. We don’t use a ton of Worcestershire… 

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carnitas tacos (2)

Crock Pot Carnitas Tacos

Yummy soft tacos, who doesn’t love a good soft taco recipe? These soft tacos were made with a delicious Carnitas filling that we made in the slow cooker. It’s nice and easy to do, I put the meat in the crock pot on my lunch break, and by the time I got home it was… 

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